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Originally from Greeley, Colorado, Austin attended Greeley Central High School before earning an Associates of Business Administration from Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado. He then went on to attend Colorado Mesa University where he gained a Bachelor's degree in Managerial Informatics.

With over 5 years of experience in the energy industry, Austin has developed a deep understanding of utility accounting, energy management, and implementing energy efficiency strategies. As an Energy Analyst, he leads a small team of analysts, overseeing all aspects of energy analysis and planning. He is responsible for developing and forecasting  energy utility budgets, conducting energy audits, and providing technical support to clients.

Austin supports organizations like YPN that provide young professionals with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and grow in their careers. He believes that being around other young professionals creates a sense of community, provides learning opportunities, networking, support, and collaboration. It brings fresh ideas and approaches to the table and provides a positive and motivating environment for individuals to grow and thrive in their careers.

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