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Maxwell Weckerly is originally from Niwot (near Boulder), Colorado, but has lived on the Western Slope for almost 10 years now. He attended Colorado Mesa University and stayed in Grand Junction to build a career. 

Maxwell is the Director of Golf at the Redlands Mesa Golf Course, where he oversees total golf operations and works with a large staff to maintain over 30,000 rounds per year. Maxwell's family owns the golf course, along with other local businesses, including Mama Ree's Pizza + Brewhouse/Nightclub, Ocotillo Restaurant & Bar, and more. He plays a part in all of these businesses, but mainly focuses on golf! 

Outside of work, Maxwell likes to golf (of course!) and do anything outside. He also invests in real estate and owns a small rental company. He also owns a mobile coffee shop.


Maxwell is excited to be a part of YPN, an organization that focuses on young people in the professional world. It can feel like there is little support for young professionals outside of college, so YPN is here to help with that! 

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